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About Us:
Universal Center For Freight was established in 1998 although experience gained is back to the 1960’s.
And is one of the leading company in freight forwarding moving towards industry with its well known reputation and established offices covering major cities in Egypt such as Cairo, Alexandria Port Said and 10th of Ramadan.

Years of experience gained over the last three decades made us develop our thoughts to reach only one goal. “How to best serve our client with the most cost-effective way” – This looks to be a very difficult task to achieve but with honesty and progress nothing is impossible. Our clients are the most valuable treasure in our company that we inherited through our experience.

In order to achieve our goal, the one have to think innovatively. As a forwarder and unlike any other forwarder we thought two ways of doing this. First is that “we do what we promise” and “we promise what we are only capable to achieve in an optimum and efficient way”. – We Keep Our Promises As We Carry Your Confidence – Second is that our services are very special and personalized. Good planning for handling your shipments is the first important lesson our professional staff learnt. Having innovative and contagiously plan is the way to “Zero Risk” – Doing The Thing Right First Time – for our clients business and interests.

Being selective to all our “international network” enhance our existence in the market and increased our client trust and most important, behind all that, a strong Financial capability give us the opportunity to better service one year after another.

Our Mission:
We make freight industry very effective and efficient and swift to gain client trust.

Our Vision:
To be one of the leading freight forwarders that know how to design and / or achieve customer requirements, desires and expectations – Needs & wants.

Our fundamentals:
Clients are our masters – holding the highest ethical standards between ourselves.

We believe that, never in any industry the one can reach the maximum. Always there is a room to improve. Implementation of newly innovative systems in each area is essential.

Professional Behavior:
We only handle our business and our relation to clients in a very professional way. Problems and conflicts may only result in a better serving our clients and enhance our relation with our suppliers. But never loosing “Any of them”.

Quality of Employees:
As Our Clients Deserve Highest Quality Service we guarantee the continuous improvements. Furthermore, Strong, qualified and highly experienced management will definitely lead our company to a better place in this industry. Personal white and good reputation is the door to our company. Strong management will also plant the desired staff capable to achieve our goals.
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